Biden Wants To Bankrupt Oil Companies With This Marxist Nominee

Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden’s self-ascribed Marxist nominee for the position of Comptroller of the Currency, said earlier in the year that her goal is to bankrupt oil and gas companies in the name of climate justice while Americans suffer under surging gas prices.

As discovered by the American Accountability Foundation, Omarova said that she hopes to target “primarily coal… oil and gas industry… [to] go bankrupt in short order… we want them to go bankrupt… to tackle climate change.”

Omarova made the remarks in March while attending the Social Wealth Seminar hosted by the Jain Family Institute. She later followed up by confessing that the job losses and economic fallout of pursuing such a policy would be devastating.

Many of the top responses to her radical claims include those from key Republican lawmakers such as Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) who referred to Omarova as an “unhinged socialist” and remarked with astonishment that she was Biden’s top pick for head of the American currency system.

Another response from House Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said curtly that he didn’t “need to fly to Glasgow” in order to identify that progressive’s plan for the future is crazy.

CEO of the Senate Leadership Fund, Steven Law, warned that American workers and businesses faced getting ‘kicked to the curb’ if Biden’s “rigid ideology” on climate change becomes reality.

Thomas Jones, founder of the American Accountability Foundation warned that countless Americans would lose their jobs and have their lives upended because of Omarova’s “classical Marxist view… want[ing] the government to run… the economy,” and recklessly pursuing a “Green New Deal” that can only be achieved by destroying the existing energy industry of gas, oil, and coal.

Omarova, well known as holding far-left views, has continued to deny public access to the thesis on Marxism she wrote while a student at Moscow State University.

According to a report from Fox Business, Saule Omarova was born in Kazakhstan under the former Soviet Union. She graduated from University in 1989 and has continually pointed to the USSR’s practices as a ‘better model,’ claiming as recently as 2019 that the gender pay gap was not as severe in communist Russia.

Author: William Price