Biden Voters Are Too Ashamed To Look Themselves In The Mirror

A Zogby Analytics Poll revealed that a full fifth of those who voted for President Joe Biden regret doing so. The poll, conducted last month, was highlighted by the Washington Examiner in an article by Paul Bedard. Pollster Jonathan Zogby said that “many more” will turn from Biden if he is unable to “score a victory soon.”

21% of Democrats expressed regret for their Biden vote, as well as 29% of Republicans who voted for the Democrat president; 14% of Independents felt the same. Biden’s figures may have been aided in this particular poll, but other polls reveal that Biden is quickly losing favor amongst Independents.

20% of the Democrat base may not sound overwhelming, but consider it in the context of the last two presidential elections, each of which was won down to the wire in the crucial battleground states. This shows that Joe Biden has almost no chances of returning in 2024 if he continues down the path he’s laid for himself. Zogby points out that Biden still has plenty of “time to recover” from the multitudinous blunders of his first 3/4 of a year in office. Zogby still notes that Biden’s “ship is sinking fast,” weighed down by the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, rapid inflation chipping away at the dollar, a massive southern border crisis and rampant COVID-19.

A closer look at the data reveals that younger Democrat voters felt even stronger about Biden’s failings than older Democrats. 27% of 18-29 year old voters regretted their ballot cast and 30% of 30-49 year olds. The more certain group was the 65+ age group, of which only 6% confessed that they made a mistake.

Lousy policymaking from Democrats writ large affected the polls outcome as well, such as the inflation which every American can feel. The figures gathered from shoppers at Walmart and Amazon respectively reflect a voters-remorse rate of 27% and 29% respectively. Amongst those who invest in crytocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, a full 44% of voters wish that they had voted the other way.

What’s worse (for Biden), though the poll was made public in mid-August, it was conducted between August 5 and 13, meaning that these figure represent the pre-Afghanistan-withdrawal public view of Biden.

In July, Zogby analytics showed that Biden’s approval rating was still above water at 60-39. It will be interesting to see soon just how far Biden’s ratings drop since his international debacle and whatever clumsy response awaits following the disastrous landing of Hurricane Ida.

Author: Sharon McCoy