Biden Uses Taxpayer Dollars To Fund War On Racism

President Biden is set to unveil his grandiose plan to stymie “systemic racism” within the federal government, the price tag for this initiative? A cozy $100 billion in taxpayer dollars, money that could be better used to fund education or support jobs for poor black communities.

USA Today reported that the White House is issuing a whole new set of policies aimed at promoting “racial equity” within the federal government through a new “inter-agency effort.”

The goals include fighting housing discrimination and new directives meant to increase contracting with minority-owned small businesses by $100 billion.

The grant money piles on top of existing billions of taxpayer dollars, but this money is specifically earmarked for efforts to “address systemic racism.” Additionally there’s $10 billion in Biden’s bill to retrofit and improve public transport in minority regions, incentives for local regions to drop exclusionary zoning, and a new affordable housing tax credit.

Biden’s plan does not include any language or money targeted at “racial equity” in the economy at large, despite requests from high-profile progressives. The bill also doesn’t have anything to do with the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a separate initiative that the White House seems to have quietly let go. Current reports say that the Biden administration is seeking a more comprehensive compromise bill that can garner bi-partisan support.

Author: Sherman King