Biden Uses Tax Dollars To Fund a Second ‘Holocaust’

The National Institutes of Health gave $3.2 million in taxpayer dollars to the University of Pittsburgh in order to meet its goal of becoming a collection site for fetal tissue, and soon would be harvesting the organs from full-term aborted babies. The information was discovered in documents gathered from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The Center for Medical Progress and partner Judicial Watch announced on Tuesday that they had collected 252 pages of documentation from the U.S. DHHS, the parent agency of the National Institutes of Health.

Judicial Watch, who represents the Center for Medical Progress in court, issued a press release in which they revealed that the documents contain information about how taxpayer funds are being spent on U of P’s goal to become a “tissue hub,” harvesting the organ tissue of aborted babies between 6 and 42 weeks old.

David Daleiden, a project leader from the Center for Medical Progress said that the grant application for any given experiment conducted by the University of Pittsburgh “reads like… American Horror Story.”

Daleiden conducted undercover operations to reveal Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue trafficking network and business relationship with biomedical procurement companies. He explains that infants who are healthy and old enough to be “viable” are aborted and killed while still alive so that their organs can be harvested. The operation brings millions of dollars to Pittsburgh’s university and Planned parenthood. Daleiden called on public officials and law enforcement to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

In May, the Center for Medical Progress published a video which alleged the use of NIH granted funds to sponsor experimentation on aborted babies at Pittsburgh. The babies were sourced

Judicial Watch revealed that the documents recently gathered through FOIA show how Pittsburgh’s goal is to use taxpayer dollars to acquire “samples” of “genitourinary” tissue from infants between 6 and 42 weeks of gestation and distribute these “fresh developmental human… samples” for a project known as GUDMAP, or the GenitoUrinary Development, Molecular Anatomy Project.

The proposal included damning information about how the school has been harvesting “fetal tissue for over 10 years.” The university declared in 2015 that it had by that time “disbursed over 300… samples” and added that they believe they could significantly ramp up their efforts if they could get their hands on more infants.

The bottom line is that Planned Parenthood and the University of Pittsburgh have gone under the radar for too long as a ‘chop shop’ for human babies.

Author: Nancy Fields