Biden Tries To Cancel Independence Day — It Does Not Go Well

Even though over 50% of Americans have received at least one vaccine, Biden still refuses to give the country “permission” to celebrate the holiday that recognizes our break from tyranny and oppression. Isn’t that Ironic?

Biden told all Americans that they would have to mask up and get poked to decrease the number of COVID cases in the country. Only then would we be “allowed” to celebrate.

Biden is under fire after these blatantly unscientific comments. The fact of the matter is, natural herd immunity is much for likely to end COVID than the vaccine, according to Brett Giror, who used to be the assistant secretary of health.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, pointed out that most Americans are hosting get-togethers on their own already, big and small. They’re going to keep doing this regardless of what Biden demands from his seat in the White House.

Maybe Biden’s view of what’s happening is skewed because he hasn’t left the basement in months, but America is not on lockdown. People are going about their business and they definitely aren’t going to “cancel” the Fourth of July.

Author: Samuel Thomas

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