Biden Throws a Tantrum After Seeing How Much America Hates Him

Chants about how much everyone hates Biden are sweeping the nation, but democrats are doing their best to sweep it under the rug and pretend it’s just not happening. However, Biden was forced to face the reality during his visit to Howell, Michigan, where he was met with hundreds of protesters holding signs that said “Fuck Joe Biden” on them. Biden finally addressed the situation while he was there, addressing the people of Michigan.

Biden says that he has an agenda for the country. That he is planning on building an economy that looks out for the people of Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is where he was raised as a child, instead of a country that just looks out for the people down at Wall Street. He says he’s trying to build something better for the people of Howell, Michigan and towns just like it that are all over the United States. For people of every background, race and religion. Biden said all this while standing at a podium and addressing the crowd.

He then went further to say that those are the reasons he’s doing what he’s doing, despite the fact that everyone is holding those signs and that those are the reasons why 81 million people in America voted for him…. Supposedly.

When Biden arrived in Howell, Michigan, he was greeted by around 500 protesters that were all waving flags and showing their support for the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. The other protesters were there holding signs that said “Fuck Joe Biden” as well as signs that said “Stop the Spending.”

One representative from Michigan, Elissa Slotkin, said she was deeply embarrassed by the people that were protesting, especially because it took place right next to a school. President Biden apparently said something about the protests happening next to a school and said that he’s surprised that people that don’t like him are still willing to act so profanely when children are around. Which is certainly a funny statement coming from the king of child-sniffing.

One thing’s for sure, this trend is just getting started, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Author: Meredith Hamm