Biden Talks Slavery Reparations – You Won’t Believe This

For an administration that is supposed to be so “progressive,” it sure seems to find itself in frequent hot water with its racial commentary.

And now that the Biden administration has ensured that Americans will suffer an onslaught of illegals who managed to evade COVID testing, Biden and Co. have now taken aim at another popular topic of discussion from last summer: racial reparations.

This not exactly welcome piece of news was recently announced by Psaki, who is rapidly proving herself to be one of the most disingenuous White House Press Secretaries to grace White House briefings in quite some time. This disingenuity is all the more blatant after insisting upon nothing but total transparency and credibility, which is not exactly the hallmark of the present administration.

After all, the current administration can’t even give a valid excuse for why thousands upon thousands of National Guard members remain present in D.C. Unless the Biden administration defines “transparency” the same way China might, no observable evidence exists of such a commitment.

What is clear, however, is the apparent commitment to nonstop racial division, as apparently Biden believes dredging up the past is the best way to head towards a united future.

Gotta give him credit for at least embodying the essence of leftist logic in that regard, especially when the leftist logic regarding slavery reparations is detailed by Puppet Psaki.

“He’s supported a study of reparations. I believe that’s what’s being discussed and studying the continued impacts of slavery, which is being discussed in this hearing on H.R. 40, and he continues to demonstrate his commitment to take comprehensive action to address this systemic racism that persists today. Having that study is a part of that.” [Source: Breitbart]

“I believe” that is what Biden is discussing? Wow. Sounds super informed. Or, more likely than not, calculated to wiggle out of later (as she’s already had to do with the “bold and ambitious” school plan, which failed to impress America).

“He’s signed an executive order on his first day which would begin to deliver on his commitment to having an across-government approach to addressing racial inequality and making sure equity is a part of his entire policy agenda. He would certainly support a study of reparations. He understands that we don’t need a study to take action right now on systemic racism, so he wants to take actions in his own government in the meantime.” [Source: Breitbart]

Yes, of course Biden has signed an executive order. Exactly what hasn’t he signed an executive order on? Oh, that’s right, silly things like promoting American jobs and well-being. That said, he did pass executive orders to kill American jobs, so there’s that.

What is the most disturbing of all is the fact that the Biden administration fails to listen to Black Americans themselves, in particular the ones who made their way the American way, no Democrat handouts required.

Just consider the reflections of Larry Elder, who has more insight into race than the overly liberal, overly inexperienced Psaki ever will (is that seriously the best the Biden administration can do? Well, Kamala is also the ultra-inexperienced VP, so it is “logical” in a way …).

“Very few people could have had a life harder than my father. My father was 13 years — born in 1915 — when he was kicked out of his house by his mother, Athens, Georgia, Jim Crow, at the beginning of the Great Depression …

The man walked down the street, did whatever he could. Ultimately, he became a Pullman porter on the trains, which was the largest private employer of blacks in those days. [He] traveled all over the world, became a marine, was one of the first black marines, a Montford Point marine.” [Source: Breitbart]
What Elder’s father overcame was brutal. And he undoubtedly faced despicable racism growing up. He also fought back in the best way possible: Rising above those who try to crush you.

Which is precisely why Elder’s father also showed a strong aversion to the Democrat Party, for excellent reason.

“And my father always said this about the Democrat Party, ‘They want to give you something for nothing, and when you’re trying to get something for nothing, you almost always end up getting nothing for something.’” [Source: Breitbart]

It would be hard to come up with a more perfect statement than that. The only thing harder is apparently getting Psaki on the same page as the Black Americans she pretends to care about.

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