Biden Takes Revenge On Small-Town America

Mayor Chris Riggs of Gila Bend, AZ is speaking out against the Biden administration for their mishandling of the border crisis.

Riggs town is being swamped with countless numbers of illegal aliens arriving from the border, all thanks to the federal government, while the administration refuses to inform him or his citizenry about any plan to manage the influx of foreigners.

Riggs told Fox News that his town of Gila Bend has been transformed into “a waypoint for illegal immigrants” which have been detained by border patrol.

The mayor explains that the town is “very economically depressed” and is unable to handle the overwhelming influx of illegals.

Riggs explains that the town is already incapable of providing proper care for their own people. And then on March 2, Border patrol started dropping off their undesirables with the dismissive comment “They’re your problem.”

Biden’s administration refuses to give the town any information regarding a plan for the immigrants being deposited, or any aid with the coronavirus many aliens are infected with.

“We are completely in the dark,” Riggs lamented.

He says that the Federal government created the problem, and they need “to step up and do their job” by fixing it.

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