Biden Surrenders After Realizing He Could Never Beat Trump

It took Biden a long time to get to the top, but it sure hasn’t taken him long to hit rock bottom once he took his place in the Oval Office. The truth is, Biden’s approval ratings all around the nation are worse than they have been, and at this point, they are way worse than Trump’s were during the same time of his Presidency. Polls from Rasmussen’s Daily Polls for Presential Tracking are showing that Biden is at a 43% approval rating for the date of October 8th, and that’s among his likely voters. His disapproval rating is a whopping 56%! Let’s take a look at Trump for a comparison. Back on October 6, 2017, Trump’s approval rating was sitting at about 46% overall, and his disapproval was at 53%.

This daily tracker also keeps score of Biden’s index of total approval, and it’s also looking pretty bleak. Only 23% of voters say that they ‘strongly approve’ of Biden and how he’s doing in the office of President. And here’s where things get really bad for Biden and Democrats as a whole. A whopping 47% of voters say that they ‘strongly disapprove’ of the job that Biden is doing. This gives Biden a total Index of Presidential Approval rating at -24, which is incredibly low.

Especially if you look at Trump’s approval rating back in October of 2017. He was at a mere -16.

The fact that voters are saying that they ‘strongly disapprove’ of Biden’s performance on the job is consistent with reports we are seeing from everywhere else, as well.

Rasmussen is one of the only national public option firms that is still invested in tracking Biden’s job approval every day of the week. While many others have given up on tracking, they’re still hard at work.

How they keep track of all this on the daily is through telephone surveys which are done every single night. They involve 500 or so people and the reports involve a 3-day rolling average. They also are able to reach people who no longer have traditional phones through an online surveying tool, where they select participants from a diverse panel of individuals. For the 1,500 likely voter sample in full, there is an error margin of +- 2.5 % points.

Author: Levi Hammond