Biden Starts Using The FBI As His Own Version Of The Gestapo

Last week, FBI agents went on a flurry of raids against the homes of journalists who formerly or currently work with Project Veritas, James O’Keefe’s groundbreaking news organization that’s exposed several massive plots of wrongdoing and corruption amongst companies and organizations such as ACORN, Pfizer, and Antifa, as well as CNN’s smoking gun confession that they directly aid the Democrat party in smearing their opponents.

The raids were supposedly conducted in connection with the theft of First Daughter Ashley Biden’s diary, despite the fact that Project Veritas’ attorneys had already been cooperating with federal investigators on the matter and had offered exculpatory information. On Friday, O’Keefe issued a full rundown of what happened.

Pages from the diary, which were not published by Project Veritas because they were unable to verify their authenticity, were published at National File in October of 2020. National File reported that the diary was discovered at a rehab facility that Ashley Biden stayed in earlier that year. The next inhabitant of the room turned the diary over to numerous media outlets. In the diary, damning information regarding Ashley’s stay revealed that she was in the rehab facility working out previous “sexual trauma” that occurred during “probably not appropriate” showers with her dad.

O’Keefe explained that he’d received a subpoena from a Grand Jury, but was instructed via a cover letter to not reveal the existence of the subpoena or any investigation into the matter. O’Keefe remained quiet, until he learned that the New York Times got tipped about the raids and were about to print a story on it.

Even though O’Keefe inoculated himself against such shenanigans by ousting the Department of Justice and FBI’s shady investigation and middle-of-the-night raid tactics, he too had his home raided, as reported by the New York Times.

While the Department of Justice has been used as a weapon against political opponents in the past, the moves of this past week seem eerily similar to the way that Kamala Harris used the California DOJ to attack journalists interfering with her dirty work. Either way, President Biden is clearly not above turning the FBI into a version of Stalin’s KGB, performing shakedowns on those who threaten his power.

Author: Joseph Jenkins