Biden Stabs a Dagger Into The Back Of People He Claims To Support

Dozens of former Biden supporters walked out on him during a virtual meeting recently after the administration announced that former president Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy would be reinstated.

Furious immigration advocates claimed that president Biden left them removing “knives from our back,” and criticized the administration for making unsubstantiated promises that it wouldn’t keep. Ariana Saludares of Colores United, a New-Mexico based activist group, said that she couldn’t tolerate “one more meeting [with] them pretending.”

The activists had requested a meeting with Biden officials prior to the main meeting, hoping to speak to leaders from the White House Domestic Policy Council and the Department of Homeland Security, but were denied. After facing rejection from the party they supported, they issued a written statement accusing the Biden administration of “playing politics with… lives,” and walked out on him stating that they could no longer attend “these conversations in good conscience.”

The Department of Homeland Security signaled its readiness to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy that was used Donald Trump as early as mid-November thanks to a court order that was upheld by the Supreme Court.

The White House claims that it remains staunchly opposed to the immigration policy decision but agreed to “comply with the law” that DHS is committed to implementing. The Biden administration also claimed that it would pursue other means of terminating the Remain in Mexico policy if possible.

Tension has been mounting between immigration activists and the Biden administration in the recent months, with activists feeling as though their key issue has become a political hot-potato that Democrats are increasingly willing to distance themselves from. The logistical and humanitarian crisis at the border since the start of the year has turned immigration into a toxic issue for Democrat politics and top party officials know it.

Luis Guerra who serves as a strategic capacity officer for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network said that Democrats are becoming afraid of “backlash” from anti-immigration groups, but promised that pro-immigration groups will also deal them a solid helping of “backlash” if they fail to support their base. Guerra added that he believes Democrats are holding out and not “doing everything in their power” when it comes to immigration policy and the border, claiming that Democrats are all talk and no action.

Author: Frank Fuller