Biden Silences Cruz In The Ultimate Power Move

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the internet on Sunday, posting a video of a woman that he identifies as being a “senior advisor” blocking him from taking photographs of the migrants who are being detained in the overcrowded U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in his home state of Texas.

Fox News sent a photographer to the border in order to get pictures of the migrant processing facilities, but he was banned as well. Senators, including Cruz, attempted to capture some photos with their cell phones, but border agents hassled and blocked them.

Cruz shared the heated exchange on Twitter, who continued to position herself in front of Cruz to block view of what was behind her. She demanded that Cruz “give… people dignity and respect.” But Cruz shot back at her that the Biden administration’s facilities were not treating the detainees with dignity and respect.

When Fox News interviewed Cruz, he said that the border situation is “the worst that I have ever seen.” He described the cramped conditions of children kept in cages, “They’re not even six inches apart.” He explained that they are lying directly on hard ground, covered with nothing but a foil emergency blanket. Cruz also told Fox News that the COVID rate among the children was at 10%, “It is unconscionable,” he said of the administration, calling the failing situation a “direct result” of Joe Biden’s decisions.

Cruz blasted the Biden-Harris administration for “subjecting kids to horrific abuse,” and sending immigrants into America who are infected with coronavirus “at a rate seven times higher” than the standard U.S. population.

Cruz said that he believes it is a long term ploy by the Democrats to gain voters, because if these illegal aliens become citizens; “They will eventually vote Democrat and keep [them] in power.”

Author: Andrew Janes

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