Biden Shouts Expletives At Top Democrat As Administration Spins Out Of Control

Democrat President Joe Biden sent a stern message to Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) due to his unwillingness to support the Biden administration’s $3 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package.

A recently released book details how Biden called Manchin in a fury on March 5th, the day before the Senate’s vote on his spending initiative, where he begged and then threatened Manchin for failing to toe the line.

In a manic rage over Manchin’s swing vote, Biden swore at the Senator saying that “you’re really f****** me.” The information was revealed in Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s recent book “Peril,” which outlines many of the other inner workings, failures, and discord of the Biden administration.

Manchin, a moderate Democrat, was opposed to giving his swing vote to the party due to concerns about the enormous cost of the spending package. The day following the call from Biden, Manchin agreed to sign on, though he was able to bargain a compromise that lowered the increased unemployment benefits from $400 per week to the $300 that was included in the bill. Manchin credited Republican Senator Rob Portman (OH) for the suggestion.

In May, the House was able to clear the $3 trillion spending package, and Democrats are still making efforts to force through a $3.5 trillion more.

Biden is expected to hold a personal meeting with both Manchin and another Democrat defector, Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) who similarly feels hesitant about the party’s massive spending plans.

CNBC reports that Biden plans to speak to each of the Senators separately, trying to convince them to fall in line with his massive government expansion and spending agenda. Meanwhile, Manchin called on leaders from both party’s to delay voting on the legislation.

Woodward’s recent book, set for release next week, contains interviews with over 200 people, and is reported by the Washington Post to have several explosive claims.

The book also contained information about General Mark Milley, who took it upon himself to seize the reins of military power from former president Trump around the time of the election. Milley promised the Chinese that he would warn if Trump attempted any action against them and also held a secret military meeting where attendees were forced to swear an oath to give Milley the sole power over America’s nuclear arsenal.

Author: Jamie Bush