Biden Seeks To ‘Start Acting Now’ On Reparations

Cedric Richmond, senior advisor to the Biden Administration has expressed in interviews that reparations shouldn’t wait on a study, instead pressing “We’re going to start acting now.”

Congress is deliberating on whether a commission should be formed to study possible implementations for race reparations. However, Richmond insists “We don’t want to wait on a study,” he says that “We have to do stuff now,” in order to “[break] down systemic racism.”

The White House said last month that Biden is committed to taking actions which address racism, a shift from his campaign promise of merely supporting a study of the subject of reparations.

However, he’s clearly being goaded on by Richmond, who isn’t willing to wait. Richmond said that offering “free college tuition… free community college… and all of those things,” would put us on his desired path.

Former president Obama recently spoke in an interview with Bruce Springsteen, saying he would have pursued reparations himself had his administration not faced so much “white resistance.”

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