Biden Secretly Reverts Back to Trump’s Policies

The Biden administration is seeking additional measures to manage the southern border crisis. Amongst their plans? Continued construction of Trump’s border barriers.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas spoke to ICE employees last week, informing them that the Biden administration was now considering one of it’s next steps to be addressing “gaps in the wall.”

Mayorkas spoke to The Washington Times, telling them that while there’s no “single answer to a single question,” that Biden had expressed a willingness to use DOD funds to see to “particular projects” to completion. Those “projects” were specified as “gaps,” “gates,” and places where barrier had been installed but technology had not been set up yet.

The report explained that completed border sections are more than just a barrier wall, technology is being installed and leveraged to help authorities detect crossings. Roads are also being installed to allow for timely response by border patrol.

Last month, Politico reported that Biden was being investigated by the Government Accountability Office because of billions of dollars in contractor payments that had been frozen that were going to companies paid to finish the walls construction.

Polls from Washington Times and elsewhere reveal that a majority of Americans support the construction of the wall, and a majority also disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border.

Author: Markus Chapman

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