Biden Punishes Working Americans In The Worst Way Possible

Just when you thought Biden couldn’t get any more tyrannical, he has to go and prove everyone wrong. On Thursday, Biden announced that every employer that has more than 100 employees will be forced by the power of the federal government to do one of two things. Either force the COVID vaccine on their employees, or test each and every employee every week to see if they have Coronavirus.

The mandate was announced on Thursday afternoon, and will likely affect as many as or more than 100 million Americans around the nation.

The wide sweeping new rules require that all of these employers with more than 100 workers directly violate the right of their employees, either through forcing the vaccine or forcing unwanted medical tests. The new rules will likely affect 80 million in the general public and 17 million health facilities that received aid from the federal government. If they receive Medicare or Medicaid, they will also have to be fully vaccinated.

Biden says that OSHA will have a new rule that require employees of these companies to be weekly tested. The companies themselves will be responsible for the cost, but they can also transfer the cost to the employees themselves, if they so choose.

Biden’s new order also includes an executive order that mandates vaccines for all employees in the executive branch and any and all contractors that do any business wit h the government on a federal level. For these employees, there is no option to instead be tested, and the vaccine is the only option.

In conjunction with all the new vaccine mandates, Biden is also doubling federal-level fines for passengers on airlines that refuse to wear a mask or keep a face-covering on federal property by not following the guidance issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

This rules also requires that companies that are large give paid time off for their employees’ vacation.

If you’re wondering how Biden can enforce this rule, the answer is with money. Any non-complying business will receive fines of up to $14,000 per individual violation. This is completely against what Psaki had told everyone earlier, when back in July she said that mandating vaccines was not a role the federal government would take.

Author: Becky Brindwood