Biden Prepares For Military Fight on Home Soil — Guess Who The Target Is?

The Biden administration is issuing new “extremism” training to all branches of the military through the Department of Defense. The purpose of the training is to coach members of the military on how to “eliminate corrosive impacts” caused by “extremist activity.”

An eyewitness soldier who’s name is protected, leaked the details of the training to the media.

The goal of combatting extremism doesn’t sound absurd on the surface, but the details of the training reveal the true agenda behind it. The training was mandated shortly after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, and is the focus of the new curriculum.

The eyewitness describes his shock that the examples of extremism were not “broad, catch-all… [making] clear that any radical activity… would not be tolerable.” Instead, the training explicitly defines extremism as only being attributable to “supremacists”, not to Antifa, not to anarchists.

The training warned that “supremacists” try and join the military for the sole purpose of training with weapons for radical purposes. According to the eyewitness, it’s common knowledge that members of “inner-city gangs have been trying this for years.” However, the extremism training didn’t address this problem at all.

The eyewitness explains the stark one-sided nature of the extremism training when he points out that 2020 had many riots that resulted in a spectrum of violent activity, but the training only focused on “one riot connected to the right… [ignoring] 999 connected to the left.”

The eyewitness warns that soon, “no one will be watching out for [the left], because the brass’ silence speaks volumes.”

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