Biden Prepares For a Showdown Of Epic Proportions — It Won’t End Well For Him

It’s Biden v. United States of America as Republican governors and their state officials prepare for the legal battle of a lifetime against the Biden administration over renewed mask and vaccine mandates. Opponents of the latest measures say that the federal government possesses no authority to push their radical agenda but supporters of the move argue that the policies have precedent in immunization standards for activities like attending school or joining the military.

At least 12 governors from Republican states have openly slammed the mandates as a power overreach by Democrat President Joe Biden, and they now vow to file suit against the law as soon as the feds attempt to put it into effect.

Biden announced Friday that he was going to use OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as his weapon of choice to push vaccines, requiring that businesses with over 100 employees must vaccinate their staff or subject them to weekly COVID testing. Administration officials threatened companies with fines of $14,000 for each violation, thought White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer questions about enforcement.

Republicans are unable to get out ahead of the ruling, but they are prepared to fight Biden tooth-and-nail as soon as the illegal policy is implemented.

Jeff Zients, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator said on Friday that the exact rules of the new policy would be revealed in “coming weeks,” not offering a specific timeline.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson called Biden’s vaccine mandate a red-herring to take attention off of the president’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal situation. He said that his state would not participate in Biden’s “publicity stunt,” or force individuals and businesses to illegally disclose private health information.

Legal experts say that OSHA could use emergency authority to push Biden’s agenda without going through a lengthy rulemaking process, but if they choose to do so, their policy would only be good for six months.

Historically, OSHA has only used the “Emergency Temporary Standard” 10 times, and courts have overturned half of those rulings.

Republican leaders have the will and the means to stop Biden’s tyranny in it’s tracks, with notable examples such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis effectively winning multiple legal battles to block mask mandates in the sunshine state.

Author: Brendan White