Biden Picks His Next Target: America’s Children

On Wednesday, the Biden administration revealed its plan to rapidly vaccinate an estimated 28 million American children between the ages of 5 and 11. They only await the green-light from the Food and Drug Administration to begin quickly acting on their plan.

Coronavirus vaccines, which don’t even prevent COVID-19 transmission, will become available instantly to local pharmacies, schools, and pediatricians according to the White House. They expect that Pfizer will be approved for children soon, so that the government can jab those who are least likely to fall seriously ill from the virus.

The Associated Press announced that Federal regulators will be meeting in the next two weeks to consider the benefits and risks of giving the shots to children. The CDC is also prepared to launch containers of vaccine doses across the country within hours of FDA approval and children could be vaccinated within mere days afterward.

The White House has made it abundantly clear that this will not be a slow roll-out like what was seen 10 months ago when adults had to wait in line to receive their vaccines. There is enough vaccine in the country to effectively jab over 28 million children, and all that stands between Biden and your child is a soon to be approved FDA check mark.

In the meantime, the White House has already wound up the propaganda machine, launching advertisements that attempt to convince Americans that the rapidly produced vaccines are safe and effective.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general said on Wednesday that vaccinated America’s youth was important to protecting children and returning to normal school and sports activities. Murthy claims that the administration is currently leaving the decision of mandates up to individual state and local officials, or schools.

Murthy said that vaccine mandates for children could be justified as “reasonable” in consideration of other required vaccines such as “measles, mumps, [and] polio,” but what he fails to recognize is the overbearing push of a power-hungry administration to force Americans into taking vaccines that set world records in terms of their development time. How can we in good conscience play guinea pig with the next generation?

Biden’s government purchased 65 million doses of the pediatric version of the Pfizer shot, reportedly being one-third of the equivalent dose for an adolescent or adult. The FDA advisory committee will begin their hearings on October 26 to consider the implications of vaccinating children between 5 and 11.

Author: Carol Morrison