Biden Picks America’s Biggest Liars To Head Up ‘Truth Seeking’ Campaign

Biden and his clown car of a Democratic National Committee just unleashed a very aggressive campaign for online “fact-checking.” They aim to convince websites and platforms to censor anyone who opposes them politically. Unfortunately for everyone though, these leaders of Biden’s new committed are known for being liars and champion of immorality. One of them lied about a Top Republican, saying he caused a woman to pass way from cancer, and another committed at least one federal felony, and is the subject of many other falsehoods. Building back together, is an independent company that coordinates closely with the White House and these are their leaders.

Robert Bauer

The leader of the BBT’s voting rights unit, he is known for having close ties to the current president. In fact, Biden trusts Bauer’s judgement so much, he named him the co-chair of his Supreme Court Packing commission. Anita Dunn, who is Bauer’s wife, also serves as another senior adviser to the President.

Bob Bauer, unfortunately found himself at the heart of one of the biggest disinformation campaigns in recent history: The Steele Dossier.

Bauer founded the D.C. law firm Perkins Coie in 1980. He left the firm in the oh-so capable hands of Marc Elias, while he himself went to serve for a time in Obama’s administration from the years 2009-2011, he then returned to the firm until his retirement in 2018. Staring around April 2016, Hillary Clinton and the DNC used Perkin Coi to funnel funds for her campaign to Fusion GPS, which then hired a British intelligence officer, a Mr. Christopher Steele, to produce the salacious ‘dossier.’

Some of the most ludicrous fabrications of this report, which was published by BuzzFeed in January 2017, made the claims that former President Trump hired prostitutes from Russia to urinate on a previously slept-in bed that Obama occupied. It also made the claim that President Trump colluded with Putin and Russia for the first couple of years in his term, intentionally spreading disinformation.

Bauer isn’t the only person taking part of Biden’s ‘truth’ campaign though. There’s another player at bay here.

Stephanie Cutter

Another BBT advisor, Stephanie Cutter was Obama’s deputy campaign manager back in 2012, who accused the then-candidate, Mr. Mitt Romney, of being a felon and a killer. She publicly blamed Mitt Romney for the death of a woman with cancer, whose husband, Joe soptic, unfortunately lost his job after a steel plant was closed by Romney firm, Bain Capital. It was later learned that this woman had health insurance and that she also died sever years after Romney had left the firm. When she was confronted about the lies, she told Jake Tapper she didn’t have all the information about the case.

She, along with Bauer, then tried to suggest that Romney could have broken laws by lying about his exit from Bain Capital. She said Romney was lying about his position at Bain, but these charges never could be proved, or even substantiated, and Cutter refused to apologize for her blatant lies.

She has also been caught lying about numerous statements that Joe Biden made, as well as stretching the truth about President Obama.

Nice pick for your ‘truth seekers’ Joe. One thing can be said about these clowns though, at least they know a lie when they see one.

Author: Cora Banks