Biden Panics After Agent Tells All During Interview

Chief Patrol Agent Raul Oritz gave an interview in which he revealed the crucial role that a physical border barrier plays in managing illegal alien activity.

Part of Oritz’s sector in the Rio Grande Valley had barriers installed, but the work was cut off short. Oritz pleads that the government needs to “finish the job.”

Hannity asked Oritz if fencing would decrease illegal crossing in his sector, to which he responded that a nearby sector, with 64 miles of fencing, decreased illegal crossing by more than 90 percent.

He said that attention needs to paid to the “35 gates that are wide open,” in his region.

Oritz explains that it’s not just Mexicans and Central Americans that are taking advantage of Biden’s weak border policies. He says that the day before his interview he “apprehended 133 people from… Pakistan, India, Romania, China…

Just in his sector alone, he apprehends an average of 620 migrants per day. Oritz also wants Americans to understand that drug cartels are profiting in record numbers from the activities. To the tune of about “$1.7 million a week.”

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