Biden Offers Sworn Enemies $308 Million In Taxpayer Aid

The U.S. under control of Democrat President Joe Biden has offered Afghanistan, now controlled by the Taliban, $308 million worth of “humanitarian assistance” after just five months of rule by the Islamist terrorist organization.

The White House promised the cash boost to the country to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis which inevitably followed the disastrous U.S. military withdrawal from the country last August, followed by the immediate takeover of the Taliban government.

The aid is destined to be delivered via independent humanitarian organizations to help them in their efforts to provide water, food, shelter, sanitization, healthcare, and hygiene services, as well as winterization assistance.

Since the Taliban took control of the country, Afghanistan has plummeted into extreme economic difficulties.

Almost 80% of the former Afghanistan administration’s budget, used to fund public services, hospitals, and schools, came from international aid, which has largely been revoked due to the change in regime.

The collective decision to reject the Taliban’s claim as a legitimate government has made humanitarian aid efforts complicated, with organizations and nations feeling reluctant to offer financial aid on since it’s known that the money will more likely be used to fund the terrorist group’s atrocities.

The United Nations reported recently that 22% of the 38 million people living in Afghanistan are suffering from famine-like conditions, and 36% face acute food insecurity.

Since the country’s takeover, the U.S. has spent $780 million in humanitarian aid. Combined with the financial gifts, Biden’s White House has also sent 3.3 million COVID vaccinations to the country, with another million pledged for the future.

Even with aid assistance, the country has been bursting with reports of a return to public executions and torture, as well as the oppressive treatment of women under Sharia Law.

Partly due to the rapid departure of the American military, the only force for peace and good in that part of the world, the formerly legitimate government in Afghanistan fled their posts, leaving millions of Afghani’s displace, traveling where they can, and sacrificing whatever scraps of stability they had before in the hope of a new life free of the Taliban.

Author: Annie Hall