Biden May Never Recover From This Scandal

President Joe Biden’s troublesome son Hunter Biden has been caught in another scandal. On Thursday, a news report revealed that Hunter had broken firearms law and that the Secret Service intervened in what appears to be a cover up.

This report follows Hunter Biden’s federal criminal investigation involving his taxes and relationships with foreign businesses.

The new allegations stem from an incident in October of 2018 between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden. Hallie Biden is the widow of Hunter’s brother, Beau Biden. Hunter and Hallie were in a romantic relationship, although while living with her, Hunter fathered a child with a stripper.

Hallie Biden allegedly took Hunter Biden’s recently purchased gun and threw it in a trash can near a high school. Hallie returned to recover the gun from the trash afterward, and discovered that it was missing.

The gun was traced back to store which sold it, and Secret Service agents attempted to take the paperwork involved in the sale from the store owner. He refused to supply the Secret Service with the papers, as he suspected they wanted to cover up Hunter Biden’s ownership in the case that the gun might have been involved in a crime. The papers were given to the BATFE which is the legally appropriate governing body to handle such documents.

While the Secret Service does not have any official record of the incident, Politico reports that the Wilmington, Delaware Secret Service branch would unofficially help manage Joe Biden’s security.

Politico also revealed that Hunter Biden lied on the background check, specifically, he claimed that he was not an user of illegal drugs, something which would have barred the purchase.

Lying on the ATF background check (Form 4473) is a felony and can carry maximum sentencing of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

This report is being released in the same week as President Joe Biden calls for tougher gun control laws.

The report says that the weapon was recovered by and elderly person who “regularly rummages through the… trash to collect recyclable items.” He turned the firearm in some days later, though we do not know who he returned it to.

When Hunter Biden was asked by FBI who responded to the scene to investigate, he reportedly “became very agitated” when asked about whether the firearm had been used in a crime. He told officers that Hallie had been concerned about his mental stability, and worried about him being suicidal.

The White House claims that Joe Biden had no knowledge of “the Secret Service’s alleged role in this incident.”

Author: Meghan Cooper

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