Biden Makes His Move — Forces Through His Radical Agenda

President Joe Biden is reported to be considering taking the “King Obama” approach to governance on the issue of gun control.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that Biden is considering a “range of options” for passing strict gun control laws, some involve congress, some don’t. “[The White House is] considering a range of levers, including… legislation, including executive action.”

Psaki reminded reporters that Biden was previously tasked as VP under Obama to research tactics for how the White House could use executive orders to curb gun rights.

She described Biden’s stance on gun control as something “he’s passionate about… feels personally connected to.”

Biden spoke out on Tuesday, demanding that Congress pass expanded background checks, an assault weapons ban and a ban on “high capacity magazines,” though he did not specify any criteria for what exactly he meant by those terms.

He reminded his audience that as a senator he was able to see through the 1994 assault weapons ban, which he then claims “brought down mass shootings.” This is entirely fictitious, as a study performed by the Department of Justice found that there was no appreciable decline in gun violence during the bans lifetime of 1994-2004.

While it remains unclear just what Biden could possible accomplish with executive action, Obama was able to find plenty of ways to stir up problems for firearms enthusiasts. One possible executive action on the table would be to extend the NICS background system to apply to homemade guns, supposedly curbing the Democrats much feared “ghost gun” problem.

Author: Haylee Palmer

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