Biden Loyalists Try To Give Sinema ‘An Offer She Can’t Refuse’

Over the weekend, the Living United for Change in Arizona political group attempted to use intimidation as a means of swaying the key-vote of Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). Sinema’s vote places Democrat President Joe Biden’s “build back better” plan, also known as the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan, in peril.

The LUCHA AZ shared their unsavory tactics on Twitter for the whole world to see. The group followed Sinema into a bathroom and demanded that she toe the party line by supporting Biden’s radical fiscal agenda as well as pushing his open-borders immigration policy.

The tweet claims that the confrontation took place inside of Sinema’s classroom, but it’s apparent from the context of the video that they trapped the Senator in the bathroom, approaching her as she washes her hands.

The tweet was followed up by justification for the mob-like tactic, suggesting that the group was forced by Sinema to “resort to” such radical measures because she’s made herself “completely inaccessible.” In the video, political radicals can be heard chanting “Build Back Better, Back the Bill!”

The same group shared their party-crash of Sinema’s fundraiser, where they were escorted out of the building by police.

Sinema tweeted a scathing rebuke of Nancy Pelosi on Saturday after learning of the Speaker of the House’s announcement that the bipartisan infrastructure vote would be postponed by a full month.

Sinema called Pelosi’s move “an ineffective stunt” and warned the Speaker publicly that she was not willing to trade her vote in exchange for “political favors.” Sinema’s open comment is a warning to Pelosi that she’s entirely willing to tank the bipartisan bill rather than cave to Pelosi’s “hostage” negotiation.

Sinema has been under fire for resisting the Democrats $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal, which progressives are insistent on linking to the earlier bill on infrastructure.

But Senator Sinema isn’t a stranger to controversy or to leftist bullying tactics. In April, following the death of one of her interns, progressives took to social media to turn the post of grief into a browbeating session surrounding the filibuster.

The far-left’s tactic didn’t work then, it won’t work this time either.

Author: Kerry Arnold