Biden Loses Entire Demographic Of Voters Overnight — The Future Is Bleak For Democrats

After what happened in Virginia, this next story might be the thing that sends Democrats over the edge. Just last Tuesday, in a beautiful foreshadow of things that are soon to come, the GOP dominated a House district in Texas that is about 75% Hispanic and flipped it from completely blue, to a deep red, when GOP candidate for the House, John Lujan, won the seat and Republicans took over Texas’ 118th district for their House of Representatives.

This win by Lujan is giving Republican a win early on in their efforts to pave the way for Republican victories all over Southern Texas after President Biden’s repeated failures in the area over the past year. The unofficial results were reported Tuesday night, and Lujan took the seat from Frank Ramirez in a 51.2% vs 48.8%. Lujan has held the seat in the past, albeit very briefly, in 2016. Ramirez was formerly staffed on the City Council in Sant Antonio as well as the Texas Legislature.

The seat was last held by Leo Pacheco, a Democrat representative that resigned in August to go teach publican administration at the college in San Antonio.

According to an American Community Survey for the years of 2015-2019 that was done by the Texas Legislative Research Division Council, the 18th district is about 75% Hispanic.

Democrats have been shocked to learn that the Hispanic vote, which they just assumed is and always would be blue, is becoming much more conservative, especially as President Biden fails on every level in these areas.

In fact, just last year, Donald Trump made huge gains in all Hispanic population in Texas, and improved on his results from 2016 by over 23 points.

The truth of the matter is, that Democrats are losing their Hispanic voters in droves. They’ve done little to support these voters in the last few years because they thought they had them in the bag, but they don’t. Hispanic voters are flipping red left and right, and their votes are going to be a big piece in the puzzle that takes the Presidential seat from Biden in 2024. And this Texas election is foreshadowing something much bigger. A massive red wave that’s going to sweep the nation in 2022, and 2024. Hold onto the seat of your pants, Democrats, because the day of reckoning has come.

Author: Mark Nielson