Biden Just Signed America’s Death Warrant

It’s all official now, President Joe Biden has taken a slew of drastic executive actions on gun control, permanently changing the legal landscape that American gun owners must traverse. For Biden, his 2020 campaign promise is partially fulfilled.

The items on the agenda include rulings which hinder the creation of “ghost guns”, or in simpler terms, all home-made firearms.

A ruling which would change the legal status of pistols with stabilizing braces to be regulated as Short Barreled Rifles under the NFA, requiring registration and a $200 tax for possession.

The Justice Department has also been tasked with creating “red flag” laws for states to implement.

The Biden Administration is surprisingly interested in vesting money in evidence-based community violence prevention.

The Justice Department will now be tasked with providing annual reports on firearms trafficking.

The President is nominating David Chipman to be the permanent acting Director of the BATFE, a former worker of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and current employee for Giffords gun control group.

Biden regurgitated some old talking points about why gun control is necessary, calling it an epidemic and citing false statistics about how many Americans actually fall victim to gun violence, as well as false information about the mythical “gun show loophole.”

We all knew this was coming at some point, it’s an issue the left simply cannot drop. But red flag laws are particularly scary, as they set a precedent for seizing private property without warrant. Be sure to contact your representatives, we’re all in this together.

Author: Jordan Collier

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