Biden Just Did Something Unforgivable To This Slain Marine’s Mother

One of the mothers of a murdered Marine, Shane Chappell, made Joe Biden regret every one of his decisions during the transfer service. Kareem M. Nikoui was Chappell’s son. He was killed during a terrorist attack that killed 12 other service members. Chappell took to Facebook to vent her frustrations about how Biden acted during the transfer, and soon went viral.

Chappell said she was within about 5 inches from President Joe Biden’s face and that she was able to look him right in the eyes before having some words with him.

Chappell did her best to explain the pain she is going through since the death of her son, but Biden apparently interrupted her and tried to tell his own ‘sob story.’ After which, the courageous mother told Biden to stop talking because this isn’t about him, and he can’t just make it about himself.

Chappell addressed Biden in directly in the Facebook post, as well. Saying that Biden was trying to tell her that he knows how she feels, but that he has no right to tell her how she feels. And then… this is where the President got downright disrespectful. Biden rolled his eyes into the back of his head, annoyed that the grieving mother was talking to him. Chappell said the only reason she was even talking to Biden was in respect of her murdered son.

Biden the turned away from the mother. But she didn’t stop. She let him know that her son’s blood is on Biden’s hands. Biden simply responded by throwing his hands in the air, expressing how he really feels about her son’s sacrifice.

Chappell went on to say that if President Trump was still in the oval officer, her son and all of the other military members would not be dead. Chappell also pointed out that Biden would not stop looking at his watch the entire time the service members were being transferred. Chappell said he checked his watch 5 time during the service, and she’s not the only one. Other parents also noticed how many times Biden looked at his watched. It’s amazing, but Biden somehow enraged every single person during the service that day. At least he’s finally showing his true colors for everyone in America to see.

Author: Poe Masterson