Biden Just Asked Your Neighbors To Spy On You

President Biden’s administration recently announced plans to combat domestic terrorism, by offering Americans a reporting system that would alert the government to your radicalized friends and family.

A senior administration official explained to reporters that it’s important to stop politically motivated violence before it starts. The goal of the program is “to improve public awareness” of domestic terrorism as well as federal resources that they can reach out to in the event of a radicalized individual.

The official said that the program helps to create “contexts” for people to understand whether or not their co-workers, friends, or family members may be on the path to “potentially radicalizing toward violence.” He added that the motto is the same as the Department of Security’s line “see something, say something.”

Biden began his presidency by setting a target against “political extremism, white supremacy, [and] domestic terrorism” which he said during his inaugural address that he intended to combat. On the first of the month, Biden claimed that the “most lethal threat” to America was the rise of “white supremacy.”

The Biden administration is also seeking the aid of big tech companies to monitor the American populace for radicalization through “increased information sharing” between the government and private sector.

The official stated that “the government sees things” in the form of “threats of violence” all over websites and platforms, claiming that while a “particular” website or company might be deeply familiar with what goes on on their own platform, the government identifies the “relationship” that ties “online recruitment” to “violence in the physical world.”

The Department of Homeland Security is training the government with “digital literacy” programs aimed at helping the government stamp out “malicious content online” which they claim is spread by bad actors. The administration’s new strategies claim to be “laser-focused” on the problem of acts of violence rather than mass surveillance, but can you really get one without the other?

The official claimed that the strategy “is agnostic. . . to political ideology,” however, we can little expect that from an administration which refuses to recognized violent BLM and Antifa activists as domestic terror groups, rather focusing their efforts on the almost non-existent “white supremacy” movement.

Author: Sally Fields