Biden Hoped No One Would Discover His Link To This Deadly Terrorist

11 Marines, one soldier, one sailor, and the third bloodiest single-day in Afghanistan for the entire 20 year war’s duration. That’s what was achieved by an ISIS-K suicide bomber who attacked the U.S. military control point at the fringe of Kabul’s International Airport last month. That led to a military response by Biden, which haphazardly killed 10 unintended targets, 7 of which were children, and further staining the U.S. exit from Afghanistan as one of the most horrific, embarrassing, and memorable events in history.

Close to the ground, Firstpost, an Indian outlet, has reported that the ISIS-K bomber who killed so many of our soldiers was formerly in custody by the U.S. at the Bagram Air Base but was released when Biden created the unavoidable abandonment of the facility on July 5, and failing to even notify our Afghan allies.

According to the report, the Airfield had the lights turned out and was emptied in the middle of the night, without any notice given to the region’s Afghan commander, who didn’t learn about American departure from the facility until two hours later.

Afghan forces moved in to the facility, but lost it to the Taliban a mere two weeks later. U.S. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby had to admit shortly afterward that “thousands” of terrorist prisoners were released from Bagram.

Firstpost’s report continues to explain that Indian intelligence was largely responsible for the arrest and capture of the ISIS-K jihadist in 2017, tipping the US Central Intelligence Agency about the radical.

The terrorist is identified as Abdul Rehman, who was a former engineering student in India and came originally from the Logar province of Afghanistan. Rehman’s arrest soiled a plot to carry out terrorist bombings in New Delhi and similar cities in the region, most likely at the request of Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

The disorganized retreat that Biden staged has ensured that thousands of very competent and connected terrorists can return to work for jihadist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Rehman, already a committed suicide bomber, likely acted out of fear when he identified the U.S. exit as his last opportunity for martyrdom.

Biden’s failure will have far reaching consequences still, with so many terrorists released into the world, and emboldened by American weakness and unwillingness to confront them.

Author: Theo Conner