Biden Held a Presser And Things Got Really, Really Weird

It’s been several days since President Joe Biden did something to make the eyes dart in perplexed fashion. Well, that streak got broken to day, he probably only got away with it so long because he’s been nothing different than a recluse since his return visit from Europe, and so there wasn’t much opportunity for him to broadcast his degenerative senility in previous days, but still, it was inevitable.

The President held a large presser meeting announcing that his massive “infrastructure” deal had finally garnered support from enough spineless Republicans to get the thing pushed through. Several GOP members apparently are happy to hand Biden a major victory while saddling middle class Americans with even more inflation.

But RINO’s aside, during the presser, things got very, very awkward. It’s hard to describe, just watch.

If you’re unable to watch the video, Biden, after being asked a question about COVID relief, leans in close on the mic and does some sort of Batman-like whispering. The tone edges on something infantilizing of his audience of reporters, as if they were children. Perhaps he’s entirely unaware, but he’s acting like a “creepy grandpa” from a comedy, not the President of the free world.

Later, Biden also nearly walked from the podium without addressing the top news story of the day; the collapsed Florida apartment building. As he was walking off, Vice President Harris had to catch him and remind him to return and address it.

After an optically terrible return to the podium, Biden continued with his awkward whispering stuff and accused employers for high levels of unemployment.

Biden’s comment is clearly ignorant of the ground truth, he of all people should be aware that the federal government is paying people $40,000+ per year to simply sit at home. How is it shocking that people aren’t going to work for $17 per hour when they can simply sit at home and get more. The plan for most individuals on the hi-flow unemployment teat is to wait until the government aid stops coming in this September and find a job after that. It’s a very cynical game that many are playing, but one that’s only enabled by an incompetent and stupid government who’s possessed by a savior complex. As for his comments on inflation, there’s no evidence of his supposed “consensus” that inflation will be temporary or survivable. In all likelihood, his massive spending initiatives are going to sink the middle class.

Author: Martin Robinson