Biden Has Total Breakdown As F*** Biden Movement Takes Over The Nation

Democrats just love to push the narrative that Donald Trump has thin skin, but no one seems to have thinner skin that Joe Biden. It’s been 20 years since the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil happened. Biden decided it would be a good idea to attend the memorial, even though multiple 9/11 victims requested that he not be in attendance. And to top it all off, guess what he did? He made the entire thing about himself, as usual.

Across the nation, college football stadiums and public events have been saturated with “F*** Joe Biden” screams and chants. Biden has apparently heard of them and seen more than enough of the signs from Trump supporters during his visit to survey the damage after hurricane Ida ripped through the entire eastern side of the country. The signs said things about the rising inflation, how jobs are not being created and about all the Americans that Biden abandoned in Afghanistan over the last month due to his failing policies. Oh, and the fact that Biden can’t seem to get his story straight when it comes to giving advice on COVID or making all of his tyrannical policies.

The truth is that Biden sucks. Like, he REALLY sucks. He’s lost all of his support that he once had in the middle American states. His approvals are embarrassingly low. And while that chant would be frowned upon in any other administration, it seems completely appropriate with Biden’s administration, as America is completely inundated with one crisis after another since he stepped foot in the White House.

So, what was Joe Biden thinking during the solemn day at the 9-11 memorial? C-Span has a clip of Joe Biden’s exact thoughts:

He was wondering what the people who died in the monstrous stacks would be thinking. He then wondered if the people thought it made sense to go down each street with signs that say ‘F*** so-and-so’?

Joe Biden could have said literally millions of other things that didn’t make him seem like a pathetic whiner wondering why none of the kids on the playground want to play with him. But we are actually pretty excited this kind of thing is getting to him. Maybe he’ll do what everyone actually wants and just step down since no one wants to be his friend.

Author: Wanda Bilkes