Biden Hands Taliban Militants a ‘Kill List’ — You Won’t Believe Who’s On It

Just when you think the Biden administration can’t get any dumber, they go and prove everyone wrong. Apparently, American officials thought it was a good idea to give the Taliban an entire list of American citizens’ names, as well as Afghans who have visas. They did this in hopes that they could speed up the evacuation process, but essentially all that has been accomplished is giving the Taliban a hit list, giving them the power to hunt down and slaughter ever American, and every Afghan that helped America.

Defense officials were completely outraged at the decision, going as far as to say that it was shocking and appalling, and putting everyone on that list at risk. The Taliban has already shown its cruelty by beating Americans who were trying to get to the airport, and murdering Afghans that acted as aides and interpreters for the United States Military.

Diplomatic and military officials gave the lists to the Taliban of people they wanted and expect to be allowed to evacuate. This happened shortly after America’s embassy started its operations out of HKIA. They moved there on August 15, just after the Taliban took over Kabul. The airport itself was targeted for multiple suicide bombings yesterday, and at least 12 US troop were killed in the explosion.

One US official said that it was necessary to do that because of the complexity of the security issue Biden’s White House created by granting the Taliban control of everything past the airport gates.

They made the decision to give the Taliban the list after Human Rights Watch accused the group of conducting killings for revenge in Kandahar.

Congress members learned about the decision to give the list during a briefing that was classified. After the attack on Thursday, Senator of New Jersey, Bob Menedez made it clear that we, as American cannot trust the Taliban to take care of Americans and can’t be trusted with their security.

The Taliban is already not honoring their agreement. They are reportedly beating Americans that are trying to evacuate and executing those that choose to defy them. Thousands of Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan’s borders. And it’s looking less and less like they will have the opportunity to escape.

Author: Rachel Stephens