Biden Hands Drug Cartels The Opportunity Of a Lifetime

A Monday report from journalist Lara Logan revealed that drug cartels from Central and South America who work every day to cripple U.S. border patrol efforts just found a new tactic, courtesy of Democrat President Joe Biden. After Biden vilified border patrol agents on horseback for allegedly using whips on illegal aliens, the cartels instructed their smugglers to provoke border patrol into using excessive force and videotape it. The expectation is that the ‘excessive force’ tapes can be leaked to the media resulting in more border agents taken off duty.

Logan tweeted a warning to Border Patrol, telling them of the cartel’s plot to use the leftist American media apparatus against them in this cynical but probably effective way.

The official assessment gathered from the cartel is that Biden and his administration offer no protection to border agents and that they can use that fact in their war against border security.

Last Thursday, the Biden administration rashly withdrew horsepower from the U.S. Border Patrol agents of Del Rio, Texas after misleading images were floated alongside false narratives by the leftist media regarding whipping and abuse of illegal migrants.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the administration viewed the situation as being “horrible and horrific,” and made demands for an investigation of the agents. She also announced that day that Border Patrol would have their horses taken away, dealing a serious blow to what’s left of our border security.

On Friday, before any investigation had taken place or further inquiry into whether or not the images may simple have been misleading, ever clairvoyant President Biden promised that he would “[make] those people pay,” in reference to the particular mounted border agents. Biden insisted that the images of U.S. border patrol using horses to control a remote crowd of tens-of-thousands of illegally crossing migrants “sends the wrong message.” Indeed, any border control effort at all is contradictory with Biden’s messaging. He’s made it clear from day-one of his administration that the U.S. is an open border country with no immigration laws whatever… well except for Cubans who reject communism, they’re not welcome.

Author: Karen Alvarado