Biden Goes Nuclear On Gun Control — Literally

President Joe Biden is once again taking up his extreme gun control agenda, speaking at the White House he expressed renewed vigor for bringing about a total ban on modern sporting rifles while also mentioning to law-abiding gun owners that the U.S. government possesses nuclear weapons.

Biden, attacking a strawman by mocking the idea of an overthrow of the U.S. government with “the blood of Patriots,” said that in order to square off against the federal government the rebels would “need F-15s. . . maybe some nuclear weapons.”

Biden went on to falsely recite a favorite lie of his that the Clinton enacted ban on modern sporting weapons, better recalled as the assault weapons ban, was effective in reducing crime. After the ban expired in 2004, the Department of Justice studied the effects of the ban, and concluded that the ban was completely unconnected to either a rise or decrease in criminal activity with firearms.

The study reads that the ban cannot be credited with the nation’s decline in gun violence, and added that there was no difference made to the severity of injury or likelihood of lethality in the gunfire incidents that did take place. The study concludes that the assault weapons ban had an impact on firearm involved violence which is “small at best. . . too small for reliable measurement.” The study adds that “assault weapons” were already a stark minority of all gun crimes even before the ban at 8%.

A separate study conducted by Quinnipiac University revealed the same facts.

They studied the effects of assault weapons bans at the state level between 1980 and 2009, and not only found that assault weapons bans did not impact gun violence, but that states which restrict concealed carry tend to experience a sharp increase in gun-related murders after enacting such measures.

Biden, clueless or deceptive, continued to spill forth lies claiming that Democrat led cities with skyrocketing crime rates such as New York, Baltimore, and Chicago don’t have strict gun laws. But they absolutely do, the most insidious in the nation in fact, with a burning hatred for the right of their citizens to defend themselves.

Throughout Biden’s remarks, he entirely failed to account for the fact that the “defund the police” movement he supported might be related to the recent rise in crime, a trend which started shortly after he entered office.

Author: Bradley Chapman