Biden Gets The ‘Surprise’ Of a Lifetime During His 9/11 Speech

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden attempted to downplay the seriousness of Al Qaeda’s resurgence on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and was booed by the American people when he visited the World Trade Center memorial site.

Speaking to reporters at the Shanksville, PA memorial site of Flight 93 — the crash site where 40 people died after successfully defeating the hijackers’ plan to use the plane as a weapon against either the U.S. Capitol or the White House — Biden confessed the serious possibility that Al Qaeda might “come back.”

Biden mocked the war on terror in the east, saying that the U.S. spent “$300 million bucks a day” for a full 20 years just to have “Al Qaeda come back.” He added that the terrorist group is “already back in other places,” asking mockingly if the “strategy” would be to have military presence in “every place… Al Qaeda is?… Come on.”

His comments are a contradiction of his statements just weeks ago when the defended the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan as a successful mission. He said on August 20th that America went to Afghanistan to rid the country of Al Qaeda and that “we did.”

Shortly after Biden’s speech on the 20th, John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman contradicted Biden’s remarks. Kirby admitted that the U.S. knew about both Al Qaeda presence in the country and ISIS “for quite some time.”

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense spoke last Thursday, admitting that Al Qaeda might make a serious resurgence in the country, and explaining that the Biden administration’s approach is currently to “wait and see.”

Austin warned that it was “the nature of Al Qaeda” as well as ISIS to always find a way to take root in countries like Afghanistan, germinating and spreading themselves whether or not they are doing it in a governed country or some “other ungoverned space.”

For his failure to honor the sacrifices of so many, on 9/11 last Saturday, Biden was booed alongside former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at the New York City memorial. Biden stopped to speak with an audience member, and the crowd quickly turned on him.

Author: Alyssa Arnold