Biden Foreign Policy Takes Baffling Turn

Another day, another terrifying turn in Biden’s foreign policy. First, he openly kowtowed to China, in now infamous remarks regarding China’s ongoing genocide as simplpy a difference in “cultural norms.”

Now, Biden has drawn the ire of the nation through pursuing a “terminally flawed” deal with Iran, as pointed out by Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio. Even worse, the planned deal isn’t even an original Biden creation; instead, it is simply Obama somehow managing to still govern while holding no position of authority.

Considering Biden is actively pushing for a return to the Iran deal initiated by Obama, much to the dismay of individuals with a clue about national security.

“By this administration going back to this agreement, they’re really giving Iran the out to be able to pursue becoming a nuclear state.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, that’s great. Trump strikes peace deals in the Middle East, whereas Biden (or Obama) apparently creates new nuclear states in the Middle East. Yet Trump is the one who is “impeached,” not to mention derided by the fake news media over … nothing.

On top of that, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, has already made it crystal clear he will not engage at all until the United States “implements” its supposed obligations, whatever those are supposed to be.

“Once everybody implements their parts of the obligation, there will be talks, and those talks will not be about changing the terms of the agreement, regional issues, or missile issues. We’re not going to discuss those.” [Source: Washington Examiner]

Of course the talks will not be about “changing the terms of the agreement,” as Trump is no longer in power, which means that Biden apparently plays along with what dictators want, rather than putting them in their place.

The Biden administration, however, does like putting the American public in its place, apparently, which is well outside the realm of any political consideration whatsoever.

As evidenced, ironically, but a wall, another fallacy pointed out by Rep. Smith.

“By walling off the Capitol, by walling off this symbol of democracy, they’re indicating we are a democracy in peril instead of just getting to work and serving the American public …The American public isn’t our adversary, Iran is our adversary.” [Source: Fox News]

That is absolutely true, and also absolutely why Iran has openly proclaimed it will not budge on the “terms” of a deal that would never be going forward if Trump were president instead of Biden in the first place.

And Smith is also correct in that the American public is not the “enemy,” though in upside down leftist land, the American public and its freedoms are apparently major sources of consternation.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration likes to associate itself with deprogramming Trump supporters, but it is just fine with programming the military into a new, woke viewpoint, emphasizing sunshine and rainbows in a leftist utopia rather than the realities of the world in which the United States really operates.

Which is precisely why Newt Gingrich recently shredded the Biden administration in an opinion peace for FOX News.

“The identity politics that come from intersectionality are designed to separate people into different social groups with different ratings of privilege and grievance. Military units must be one team – in complete unity – or Americans die and America fails.” [Source: Fox News]

Sadly, America “failing” may well be the point of the Biden administration, especially given its rather blanket support of China. Which is undoubtedly why Gingrich also referenced China in his piece.

“Can you imagine Xi Jinping – who is in the middle of simultaneously orchestrating the genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and the suppression of the pro-freedom movement in Hong Kong – being briefed that the U.S. Navy has decided to become a social work experiment in feeling warm and understanding about each other?

Do we think this will make the Chinese Communist dictatorship more or less likely to test our resolve in the South China Sea or the Taiwan strait? Do we think this newly emerging sensitive U.S. Navy will lead them to stand down because they realize what nice people we have become? [Source: Fox News]

Of course Xi Jinping will not be interesting “in feeling and understanding” each other. He will, however, be just fine with “understanding” how weak the United States has become in a grand total of a month, courtesy of his personal choice being in power within the United States.

Bring back Trump … and national security. Please.

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