Biden Forced To Address Palestinian Tactics

Israeli intelligence shared “smoking gun” evidence to the Biden administration that proved Hamas presence in an office building that was shared by The Associated Press and Al-Jazeera.

The building was destroyed by an Israel Defense Forces airstrike over the weekend after the IDF warned civilians within the building to evacuate well ahead of the building’s destruction.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the United States was the only country who questioned the IDF and inquired about the airstrike. Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi told the Post that the US was shown evidence of Hamas presence within the building and said that the Biden administration “found the explanation satisfactory.”

So far, a majority of other nations support Israel’s right to defend itself against the Palestinian attacks, with 72 of 90 countries that Israel has spoken to in recent days supporting the IDF’s measures.

IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman was asked about the airstrike against the building that once housed The Associated Press. He responded by explaining that Hamas cannot “hide behind the media” or their buildings. He also said that he would like to know what the response would be “if one rocket was fired on Washington” expounding that Israel is suffering “salvos” fired “toward civilian populations.”

The IDF’s targeted strikes against terrorists in the Gaza strip come after receiving a barrage of 3,000 missile strikes from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihadist’s. A dozen citizens have been killed and hundreds wounded by the terrorist organizations’ assaults.

Christians from across the globe have sent portable bomb shelters to Israel following the attacks. These shelters are to be placed near schools, daycares, youth centers, and hospitals.

In total, 118 bomb shelters built to IDF standards have been donated to such civilian installations in southern Israeli communities. Hostilities from Hamas are so frequent that these institutions reportedly cannot operate without the bomb shelters.

Author: Lorraine Hoffman

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