Biden Faces Impeachment-Worthy Lawsuit

The Biden administration is facing a new lawsuit for their racist use of COVID-19 relief money. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller filed for suit on Monday claiming that the administration used racist discrimination against white farmers.

Miller’s case is made on the fact that Biden’s Agricultural Department used race as a factor of exclusion for sending out COVID-19 relief money to farmers and ranchers, a violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The $1.9 trillion ‘American Rescue Plan’ included provisions for loan forgiveness to ‘socially disadvantaged’ farmers / ranchers for up to 120% of the loans value. Other federal provisions of the USDA, such as the requirement to prefer grant applications from ‘socially disadvantaged’ ranchers and farmers is also being targeted.

The complaint calls these discriminatory mandates “patently unconstitutional” and demands that the courts end the racist policies. The complaint argues that the best method to end racist discrimination is to stop using race as a basis of discrimination.

The complaint also argues that ethnic groups who happen to be white, such as Irish, Germans, Italians, Jews etc. have also experienced discrimination in American history, and so “unambiguously qualify” for the status of ‘socially disadvantaged.’

The American First Legal Foundation who represents Miller, is led by former White House advisor Stephen Miller.

Miller launched the legal group earlier this month, with the express intent of blocking the Biden administration’s unconstitutional actions in the courts.

Author: Taylor Greenwood

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