Biden Faces $15 Billion Suit — Turns To Taxpayers For The Bill

Biden isn’t shy about big price tags, and maybe that will help him as he’s made to issue a $15 billion indemnity to a Canadian company who is seeking damages for the President’s decision to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline. The $15 billion will of course be drawn from taxpayer dollars, as yet another cost on top of Joe Biden’s outrageously expensive plan to stick the United States with a ‘Green New Deal.’

TC energy announced just last month that they were forced to abandon the project because of the revoked permit that was necessary to create the pipeline. The State Department found in their analysis that the pipeline, had it been completed, would have created over 26,100 jobs.

Last week, TC Energy announced that they were filing a NAFTA claim (North American Free Trade Agreement) against the administration in order to recover economic damages they suffered as a result of the swift and reactionary choice to axe the Keystone XL Pipeline. The company announced that they sought to “recover more than US$15 billion” of damages which they suffered due to the “the U.S. Government’s breach of… NAFTA obligations.”

The Notice of Intent by TC Energy has been filed with the U.S. Department of State.

This recent claim is hardly the most dangerous one that Biden faces for his rash, partisan, extremist measure. In May, almost two-dozen states filed suit against the Biden administration over the issue, claiming that he overstepped his presidential authority.

The attorney generals of the states argue that Biden abused his authority using a special provision that Congress “tucked into tax legislation” far back in 2011 which allowed then-President Barack Obama to make a “determination” within a 60 day window. Obama chose to cancel the pipeline claiming that the 60 day window gave him “insufficient time,” but permitted the company to send another application that left the decision in the air until his re-election.

Since then, the pipeline has experienced presidential-whiplash as Obama rejected it, but then Trump approved it, and now Biden re-rejected it.

If Biden had any self respect he would reverse course, as even Democrats have criticized him for pursuing such a radical far-left energy agenda. Furthermore, its been increasingly apparent in recent times how pipelines are the safest method of transport for oil, and the need to secure domestic sources of energy is becoming an ever greater pertinent interest as Middle Eastern countries continue to destabilize and rival states such as Russia and China flex their power and influence of regions that export oil.

Author: Mack Burke