Biden Ensures That Trapped Americans Worst Nightmare Comes True

The last American Military evacuation flight just parted from Kabul’s international airport, leaving an enormous number of Americans trapped in the country. More than American citizens, thousands of western allies are now abandoned to suffer at the will of the Taliban as they exact vengeance upon those who cooperated in efforts against them over the past 20 years.

U.S. Central Command’s General Kenneth McKenzie Jr. said that the Biden administration was still working to get American citizens out of the country despite the fact that the U.S. no longer has any military presence there.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the Department of Defense said earlier that day that the Biden administration no longer “anticipate[s] a military role” as they pursue efforts to extract American citizens from the country.

McKenzie declared that the estimated number of remaining Americans was in the “low hundreds” and added that the last military plane to part the country did not have any American citizens on board.

The fact that so many American citizens remain behind is just the unfolding of yet another lie from Democrat President Joe Biden who claimed two weeks ago on ABC that the U.S. military would remain in the country until all our citizens had been safely evacuated.

When asked, Biden affirmed his commitment to ensuring that American troops would stay in the country until all Americans were safely removed. Apparently Biden felt that his promise to the Taliban to exit by the August 31 deadline was more important than a promise to the remaining “low hundreds” of American citizens yet trapped in the clutches of the Taliban, who will doubtless show no mercy and use our fellow Americans as leverage to obtain huge sums of ransom money.

The commander in chief is asleep behind the wheel. Even Democrats agree that Biden completely lost the ball on this one. His negligence, incompetence, and apathy over the past two weeks are surely enough to lay the grounds for an impeachment hearing.

Author: Thomas Freeman