Biden Does Nothing As Alien Mass Hurdles Directly At United States

U.S. Border agents are continuing to suffer the consequences of Democrat President Joe Biden’s de-facto open border policies as millions of migrants continue to flow into the country through the Mexico border.

South of the border by 1,500 miles is Tapachula, Mexico, a gathering ground where organizers and activists are reported to be amassing tens of thousands of Central American and Haitian migrants to form a great big “mother of all caravans” according to a recent Border Report issue.

The massive alien caravan is gearing up to leave for the U.S. on October 23rd, with the organizers of the caravan calling the group “Caravana Madre,” interpreted Mother Caravan. The migrants are planning on arriving at the U.S. border regardless of whether or not they have documents.

According to Border Report, both the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and the Department of Homeland Security were already aware of this forthcoming surge in illegal immigration and are taking measures in preparation for it. They declined to share any specific details.

A CBP spokesperson said that the agency readies itself “for all possible scenarios” using intel gathered from migrant movement trends, smuggling operations, and broad comprehensive analysis.

The TDPS stated that they did not share “operational specifics” outside of the agency but that they were aware of the situation and were ready to take action swiftly as the matter continues.

Reports of this massive caravan arrive mere weeks following a disastrous situation in Del Rio, Texas where 15,000 Haitian migrants were kept under a bridge at the Rio Grande and had a storied clash with border agents.

TDPS was left responsible for controlling the situation in Del Rio when the federal government failed to do anything about the situation. In cooperation with the Texas National Guard, they were able to deploy thousands of state troopers and squad cars to create a barricade around the zone.

Since Biden took office, an estimated 200,000 migrants have crossed the border every month, with tens of thousands of those migrants being released directly into the United States with dubious enforcement of court dates.

As the situation continues to unravel, the populations of towns near the border are put at ever greater risk.

Author: Beverly Sharp