Biden Desperately Tries To Hide This Staggering Border Fact

In the month of April, there were over 173,000 illegal aliens held at the southern border. Unaccompanied children were permitted to stay at DHS shelters for several days until room opened up in HHS shelters. If families came along with the children, they were likely released into the United States with the promise of a court date written on a form.

In addition to the number of those detained, there were a reported 40,000 “got aways,” people who escaped detention by Border patrol. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) revealed this shocking statistic last week at a Senate hearing. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas did not dispute the figure.

Once past the border, got-aways are (for all practical purposes) free and clear of any border control agents, able to do as they please in the country.

That figure of 40,000 only includes the number of spotted got-aways reported by Border Patrol, it does not account for those who cross the border completely under the radar. Earlier this month, police caught a semi-truck carrying 50 illegal aliens, how many trucks full of illegals are not caught?

The Center for Immigration Studies reported that people who go to such lengths to avoid border agents are not asylum seekers. The people who cross on these fraught pathways and tunnels likely have a reason to avoid the law.

The Biden administration continues to falter at the border, having no handle or control of the situation. They are up against powerful cartels, who are profiting massively from the business of smuggling drugs and people across the border. It was also noted by Senator Portman that sending masses of families to keep border agents busy is a tactic which frees up the cartels to send more drugs through weak parts of the border while their enemies are distracted.

While a border wall helps with border enforcement, it isn’t the whole solution. Laws in America need to change which discourage immigration. Right now, all that an illegal alien needs to do is plead for asylum to get in. The terms of asylum have been stretched to absurdity, meaning that almost anyone can get into the U.S. if they choose to. The cartels are capitalizing on our legislative weakness.

Right now, an asylum seeker will be left with nothing but a court date to be attended years in the future, by which time the illegal will have established themselves with a job and family in the U.S. and we know the government wont send them back by that time.

America needs tougher immigration laws, but that will never happen as long as Democrats see a steady stream of voters entering the country. They see the migration surge not as a crisis, but as a blessing to keep them in power.

Author: Tim Collins

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