Biden Desecrates Sacred Ground On 9/11 Anniversary

On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, President Biden visited all three sites, despite pleas from the family members of victims that requested he stay away during the remembrance events.

In a press release made earlier that week, the White House announced that Biden and the First Lady will attend the memorials at Shanksville, PA, New York City, NY, and the Pentagon at Arlington, VA.

However, hundreds of victims family members told Biden that he’s not welcome at the remembrance ceremonies. The “Members Of The 9/11 Community” issued an open letter to Biden telling him that he is unwelcome at such events, partly due to the administration’s failure to release documents that the group is seeking.

The group said that they had “great hopes” for President Biden when he entered office, saying that they expected him to be a leader who valued “truth, justice, and accountability” for the American people. On campaign in October of 2020, Biden promised the 9/11 community that he would “hear all of their voices” if elected president.

The 9/11 Community said in their letter that while they understand the President’s wish to visit Ground Zero, they “cannot in good faith” offer him any welcome because he has failed to keep his commitment.

The 9/11 Community says that the American government has “inexplicably ignored” an obvious connection between the attacks of 2001 and the Saudi government, even going to far as to suggest that the FBI and Department of Justice have carefully kept this secret on behalf of the Saudi government.

The letter continues to explain that the Community feels as though they have been treated like “a political bargaining chip,” and say that their patience has run out. They added that they still hope that Biden will do right by them and declassify documents exposing the Saudi government as well as previous administrations’ willingness to place “diplomatic relations” over the sacrifice of American citizens.

The group says that after 20 years, there is no longer any good reason regarding “national security” concerns for keeping the information confidential.

Until Biden declassifies the investigative documents surrounding 9/11, the Community says that they will “publicly stand in objection” to his presence at sacred 9/11 monuments.

Author: Elijah French