Biden Cuts Lifesaving Treatment To ‘Punish’ Conservatives

Following Democrat President Joe Biden’s raving assault against Republican governors during his address on Thursday, the White House’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to stave off inquiries about the Biden administration withholding lifesaving COVID-19 treatments for red states.

Reports have come out that the Biden administration isn’t sending republican states like Texas and Florida as many monoclonal antibody treatments as those controlled by his own party. Jen Psaki denied the claims, saying that the reports are “not accurate.”

Psaki announced that distribution had increased by “50 percent” in this month, moving from 100,000 doses per week to 150,000 in September.

Psaki said that the available number of treatments “is not unlimited” and so the Biden administration is overseeing it’s “equitable [distribution] across states across the country.” Without realizing it, Psaki scored a major point against centralized government control when she added that it was the federal government’s “role… overseeing the entire country… to be equitable.” She added that they were not going to allow a greater number of doses to reach “Florida over Oklahoma.”

It’s impossible to imagine a scenario where Democrat Biden might tell Governor Newsom of California or former-Governor Cuomo from New York that their state wouldn’t be receiving the monoclonal antibody treatments they needed because Oklahoma was taking an “equitable” amount. Just imagine how the leftist media would cover such a decision by President Trump if he withheld lifesaving medicine from Democrat states to punish them.

In the case of Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis responded by personally securing the supplies required to meet the states demand, completely sidestepping the federal government. Floridan residents are vaccinated at much greater rates than the national average – debunking Psaki’s lame attempt to blame the spread on pro-freedom COVID policies – making it clear that Biden and his White House cronies are simply punishing the state of Florida and Republican leader DeSantis for standing up to them.

Author: Catherine Schmidt