Biden Crushed Under Tsunami Of Lawsuits — Is This The End Of His Presidency?

Biden and his administration are continually creeping down a path towards communism within the United States, especially as his thirst for power turns into actionable consequences for the American people.

On Thursday, Biden revealed the details of his unconstitutional vaccine mandate that requires businesses with 100 employees or more to force their employees to vaccinate. As a result, there are a number of business titans, as well as interest groups, all across the nation that are gearing up to take on the legal battle of the century. And they’re taking it directly to Biden’s front door.

OSHA, The Occupational Administration for Safety and Health, has issued a new set of rules that requires all unvaccinated workers to start wearing masks on the 5th of December, and they also must show proof of a negative COVID test if they haven’t been vaccinated by the new deadline on Jan 4, 2022. There are more than 84 million workers in the United States that will be directly affected by Biden’s new rule, according to officials in his administration.

JCN, Job Creators Networks, which is the leading advocacy organization in American for small business, just filed a suit in the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that would block the forced testing and mandate for vaccination. The plaintiffs are the Lawrence Transportation Company, Rabine Group of Companies, the Independent Bakers Association and Guy Chemical Company.

The President and CEO of JCN, Alfredo Ortiz, said in a statement that Biden and his administration’s mandate for vaccination is very clearly illegal, and more than that, it will likely have an impact on the community of small businesses that is devastating and will disrupt the entire economy. JCN is suing based on the fact that OSHA doesn’t have authority to impose a mandate on employees of small business. Ortiz also says that even if OSHA possessed that power, there isn’t a grave danger or even a necessity to force a regulation this large.

Additionally, JCN has numerous billboard ads located in New York’s Times Square to try and raise awareness about the ongoing lawsuit. They aren’t the only ones suing either, there’s a large number of interest groups and businesses that are headed to Washington to fight. The real question is, how long is it before Biden is unseated for his unlawful enforcements?

Author: Olivia Wilhelm