Biden Cripples America With a Terrifying New EO

President Biden has been threatening to move on gun control for months, and it looks like he’s finally putting his money where his mouth is. Biden is set to unleash an executive action on guns tomorrow that will greatly affect American consumers.

The executive order will likely revolve around “ghost guns,” and make it more difficult for consumers to buy gun kits. The harrowing legislation forces all those seeking to purchase a kit to go through a rigorous background check, even though they aren’t purchasing a manufactured firearm.

Biden’s Press Secretary, Psaki, stated that executive actions are an “important lever” for every president to use at their disposal, and that’s exactly what’s going on right now.

Biden has signed off on dozens of Executive Orders since taking office, and is now abusing his presidential power (again) to take away the rights and freedoms of America’s citizens. The real question is, are Americans just going to stand by and watch?

Author: Travis Fisher

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