Biden Cozies Up To Terrorists — Trump Official Makes Him Regret It

Numerous reports confirm that Biden resumed work on Tuesday to reenter the Iran nuclear deal. If Biden is successful, this will allow American companies to do business again in Iran.

Former United States Ambassador, Nikki Haley, slammed Biden for funding terrorism, especially while urging boycotts in Georgia. Nikki went on to humiliate Biden even further, reminding him that he’s supposed to work for the people in America, not Iranian Terrorists.

Haley also reminded Biden, and America, that he completely snubbed our allies in Israel, but for some insane reason thinks it’s okay to cozy up to our enemies, like Iran.

If the sanctions are lifted, Iran will be able to continue their nuclear program, missile program and other terrorist activities. Biden is literally funding terrorism on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Thanks to Trump, Iran suffered significantly under the weight of a crumbling economy. They literally have billions in banks that they can’t access due to Trump’s sanctions. But as soon as Biden lifts the ban, that money is all theirs to use against America and her allies. Dark days are ahead with Biden making the decisions. The only hope we have is in our conservative allies in Washington.

Author: Jude Simpson

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