Biden Caught Smack Dab In The Middle Of a Terrorist Act

Democrat President Joe Biden just sent America back to 1979 in terms of foreign influence following the Thursday raid of the U.S. embassy in Sana’a Yemen

According to local media outlet Al-Masdar Online, Houthi jihadis with the assistance of the Iranian government stormed the embassy and acquired tons of materials and equipment from our embassy. Mere days before, the group kidnapped 3 Yemeni nationals who affiliated with the embassy. The last time our enemies were so brazen as to storm our embassies was under former president Jimmy Carter.

A spokesman from the State Department confirmed the report from Yemen, saying that the U.S. is seeking to diplomatically secure the release of Yemeni employees at the embassy. As of right now, the State Department claims that they are being held hostage “without explanation,” and that they are pleading with the Houthis to leave the site and return all stolen property.

Given the weakly-worded non-threat, the Houthis are probably shaking in their boots. Biden is not threatening to send in military forces to rectify the situation, not even so much as sanctions. Instead, Biden’s government promised to “continue… diplomatic efforts” which we all know is probably going to end in a ransom payout using your tax dollars. That’ll teach ’em.

During the former Trump administration, the Houthis were designated as a known terrorist group. When this happened, leftist media and political groups went ballistic, protesting the designation on the simple grounds that Donald Trump issued it. As soon as Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office, one of his first matters of business was to rescind that designation. How embarrassing, once again Trump was right, just like with Remain-in-Mexico, just like with domestic oil production, just like with toughness against Russia.

In September, the Biden administration even went so far as to quietly remove a missile defense system that was protecting Saudi Arabia, leaving the Saudis vulnerable to air attacks which are conducted regularly from Houthis in Yemen.

The dismantling of the defensive anti-missile system is an obvious attempt to appease Tehrani mullahs who have not yet relinquished their anti-American rhetoric in response to Biden’s wish granting.

Author: Nicole Flores