Biden Caught Selling Reserve Oil To America’s Enemies

Democrat President Biden announced last week that he’d be tapping the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve with the promise of driving down fuel prices amid record-setting levels of inflation thanks to his administration’s economic and energy policies. As it happens though, much of that taxpayer-purchased oil that he’s looting from our strategic stockpile isn’t even going to be sold to Americans at the pump.

Bloomberg news recently reported that a “large portion” of Biden’s 50 million barrel raid on the strategic oil reserve is actually slated to be delivered to foreign countries such as India and China.

Rather than actually use the national strategic reserve to actually help alleviate pain at the pump for everyday Americans, Biden is shipping taxpayer-purchased oil to America’s enemies. It’s absolutely mindboggling that nobody is batting an eye as the president sells a “large portion” of our reserve oil to our enemy, China. This is tantamount to selling weapons to our enemy in wartime.

Biden has received criticism from the left as well, after waging a lengthy war on fossil fuels since the beginning of his term, the release of so much oil into the U.S. as well as two other countries isn’t exactly in keeping with “going green.” Climate activists further point out that India and China are the world’s worst polluters, and that Biden’s oil sale does little to encourage those countries to become more efficient.

While many have slammed the president as a hypocrite, it’s really in keeping with his character. Think about it, on day one in office, Biden killed America’s Keystone XL Pipeline, just to remove roadblocks for a Russian pipeline a mere month later. Biden also canceled tons of domestic fossil fuel projects, instead making the U.S. dependent on oil sales from countries whos processes are dirtier. Biden’s goal has nothing to do with the environment, it has everything to do with bringing America down.

While all this is going on, the mainstream media is giving Biden his victory lap, claiming that he’s taking crucial and unprecedented action to help repair the self-own he created.

As of today, the average price of gas sits at $3.39, over 50% more than it was under former president Trump who filled the very reserves that Biden is now looting.

Author: Brandon Young